Les trappes d’Echournac

Founded in 1868 by the monks of the Port du Salut abbey, La Trappe abbey has always lived from its cheese factory and is now a true Perigord gastronomic institution.

In 1923, Cistercian nuns took over the abbey and continued the tradition of the cheese industry. Made from pasteurized milk, the Trappe d’Echourgnac is a soft and creamy cheese which also has the particularity of being matured with walnut liqueur (from the Périgord distillery in Sarlat).

This recent recipe (1999) gives it a powerful and very original flavour that goes very well with local gastronomy. In the cheese shop you will find the traditional plain cheese and the small version matured with walnut liqueur. You will also find other gourmet products made by the Sisters: fruit jellies or home-made jams.